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We have enjoyed the process of making good companies since 1984. Good Companies are characterised by satisfied customers, motivated employees, well-rewarded investors, and high reputations within their communities.

We have a passion for people and their communities. We are opportunists who do what makes sense now. We love to learn and our ongoing research crosses many diverse disiplines. We have a passion for understanding the effect of emerging technologies and behaviors on organizations. We bring a deep technical knowledge, experience and excellent research to the ecology of your business.

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A Little History

Originally created as a mass market software design house Folkstone Design created and published innovative software including the "Anatomist A Human Anatomy CD-ROM", a strategic joint venture with HarperCollins Publishers.

As a regular part of our business practice we provided instruction at a university, corporate and public level. As our practice naturally expanded beyond software design to include business development we began to design businesses like the internet provider "Sunshine Net" subsequently sold to technovision. Today with a broad base of multi-disiplinary experience we are well positioned to help where ever you find yourself.

Complex Systems Analysis & Design:
business, economics, trade, community,
media, technology.

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A short list of coaching services available includes:

  • Business development strategies
  • Internet media strategies
  • Open Source business models
  • New Media
  • Mac Specialists
  • Voice Over Internet

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, Just North of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Corporate Voice Over Internet Support also available for all other areas.


Scott Bleackley MSc has been helping people explore the world with their computers for more than 20 years. Scott has taught at SFU, UBC and BCIT as well as providing personal and corporate training. Scott explores emerging technologies with an eye to which ones work best for people and the communities in which they live, love, work and play. You can find Scott swimming from outriggers in the Paisley islands, walking the beach or cycling the roads, with a camera or two, drawing, writing, reading and deep in discussion with friends. Scott enjoys sharing his delight in the kid in us all.

Luinda Bleackley MBA Luinda is an entrepreneurial manager with experience running a community Internet Service Provider (ISP). Her responsibilities included finance, general management & supervision and technical support. Luinda has been a contract negotiator and marketing manager for an educational software product. She is excellent at establishing relationships, especially with remote customers, distributors and suppliers.

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