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As voice over internet becomes increasingly mainstream we move from individual early adopers and telco backoffice to full on implementations within major companies and wide spread consumer adoption.

AOL launches VoIP service:
AOL Internet Phone Service:
" AOL is entering the VoIP market with its new service entitled 'AOL Internet Phone Service'. The service will be available in 40 cities around the US and offer integrated IM presence indicator, voice/e-mail and features like Call Waiting, CallerID. As a bonus current AOL members wil receive a wireless AP when signing-up for the service." "
April 14, 2005

WiFi Movement in Disarray:
"It's a political struggle, a bare-knuckled one at that. And unless the advocates of municipal WiFi start treating it in that way, Americans are going to suffer many more years of high prices for slow broadband, without the competition needed to push things forward. "
April 14, 2005

RNK Voip:
"$999 Phone for Life  -  Unlimited Residential Calling Plan. only available in MA, NH, and RI" With some Voip providers ( SunRocket for instance ) moving to an annual fee, the concept of a lifetime fee is interesting. Up front capital with a long residual liability. Be interesting to read the fine print.
January 5, 2005

ArcChart: UMA to kill phone bill:
"Last month the Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) specifications were finalised. UMA establishes a standard for seamless hand-off and roaming between a cellular network and fixed IP-based wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is applicable for data, but the important application is voice. It will allow voice calls to be handed from a circuit switched cellular network, to a lower cost IP-based network, and in a manner that will be completely transparent to the user. This will facilitate convergence of the cell phone and the land-line, shifting fixed-mobile convergence up a gear. It also means that service providers will be able to offer mobile voice services at lower costs – or they will be able to scoop higher margins."
October 18, 2004

Covad: Simplify Wireless VoIP Services:
"Boingo Wireless and Vonage Holdings Corp. announced a relationship that teams two industry innovators in an effort to simplify voice over Wi-Fi services and make them more accessible to customers.… The Vonage agreement is the first step in Boingo’s comprehensive VoIP strategy, integrating a new class of device software into non-PC devices like mobile phones to login and authenticate onto any of the thousands of hot spots in the Boingo® Roaming System."
October 18, 2004

Covad: VoIP The Movie:
A new trend in marketing for VoIP Business Services ? A Movie complete with bill board advertising ( at least on the net ) a trailer, movie and directors cut. Nice to see good use of broadband with a little humor for a change. "Covad VoIP is a business-class broadband service that truly integrates voice and data, and comes with a dashboard that allows you to easily manage all of your communications from a single screen."
October 15, 2004

Forbes: Skype Business:
" Skype Technologies made a name for itself providing a free Internet telephone program to users around the world. Now it's time to cash in. The company announced today it's planning to launch a paid service for businesses and expand its premium offerings… It has the potential to really change the status quo, to really change the business models of all the service providers."
October 6, 2004

Croquet: 3D VoIP:
" Slide presentations are available for synchronous or asynchronous delivery. Any presentation application can be used. Users can make presentations to one or more other users at the same time and show images or media objects to them while communicating with them through VoIP. Here we see the first slide of a multi-slide presentation. Such presentations can be made to large audiences of users within a croquet space." Download
September 30, 2004

Cringely: One Canadian's Wireless Neighborhood Network Could Someday Serve Us All:
"Open Source software is leading to digital devices being used in large volumes in ways their designers never envisioned. This takes control of the network out of the hands of the providers and into the hands of the users. And the outcome doesn't have to be some socialistic information economy. On the contrary, it means that whole new business models will appear to take advantage of the fact that all types of communications and all types of content will be able to reach all parts of the market with almost no friction."
September 30, 2004

Voxilla: VoIP Market Leaders Declare a Price War :
"It's official: an all-out price war has broken out in the residential VoIP world. …company officials saw that people had increasingly become confused as to what local calling is and why we were differentiating between certain types of calls.. "
September 30, 2004

The Motley Fool:
" Several market researchers expect about 40% of companies to switch to VoIP in the next two to four years. Of course, this means the telecom companies will be duking it out to provide the service, competing not only among themselves but also with cable giants."
September 28, 2004
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