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MedWeb: Electronic Newsletters and Journals
A long list of all electronic journals/publications on WWW.


MEDLINE allows a user to search medical citations on-line. Your browser must accommodate forms.


The Medical Library Association Network
The Medical Library Association is a professional organization of more than 5,000 individuals and institutions in the health information field. MLA assists librarians with the exchange of health sciences books and periodicals and to develop a variety of programs to serve the needs of health information specialists.


Academic and Reviewed Journals
This is the WWW Virtual Library Electronic Journals Catalog. Entries in this catalog are added and maintained through WILMA (Web Information-Library Maintenance Agent).


The University Book Store - Medical and Technical Reference
The Medical and Technical Reference Area in the University Book Store is one of the largest technical bookstores in the Midwest with over ten thousand reference titles in stock. As we establish ourselves on the Internet, we expect that the UBS Medical and Technical Reference Area will be able to fill something of a vacuum by providing quick and easy access to a wide variety of technical material to customers throughout the world.


Oxford University Press - Books in Science and Medicine
A new site (links are not well established yet!) to find recent publications from the University Press.


Electronic Newstand - Medicine & Health
The Electronic Newsstand has gathered health and medical resources including academic journals, medical books, and publications about healthy living and alternative medicine. We've also selected a few links to interesting sites on the Internet presenting health information.


Health and Medical Informatics Digest
The RDSU will begin publishing an online digest providing hypertext links to interesting and exciting WWW locations for health and medical information. The digest is called: HEALTH AND MEDICAL INFORMATICS DIGEST. It will be emailed to subscribers FREE of charge.


Edward Arnold's - Internet Book Shop
A resource from many publishers that offer a variety of medical reference books.


The BookZone's listing of self-help medical information books.


Internet Book Shop
The Internet Book Shop - the largest on-line book shop in the world.


Virtual Booksellers Association
Welcome to the finest selection of books available on Internet.


Eolas Publications and Papers
Eolas Technologies Inc. has created a group of new technologies, tools applicable for the World Wide Web. They are involved in some of the technologies that bring anatomy on-line and have included a list of publications resulting from their innovations.


Human Physiology
A catalogue of journals on human physiology from Elsevier Science Complete Catalogue.


University of Sydney - Dept. Anatomy publications (1993)
A very long list of a publications from the Department of Anatomy, both human and animal anatomy.


University of California, San Francisco - Center for Knowledge Management
This is a list of publications stemming from the work at this center. Many papers involve the visualization of anatomy on-line.


Yale University - Segmentation of Anatomical Structure
This site offers on-line publications of researchers at Yale concerning anatomy. This is an offshoot of the Image Processing and Analysis Group of the Departments of Diagnostic Radiology and Electrical Engineering at Yale School of Medicine.


Grateful Med
In order to make searching even easier and provide a user-friendly way to use the MEDLARS system, National Library of Medicine, in 1986, developed a software package called Grateful Med.


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